OH: I want to see the 5 feet of nut cracker!

By Rich and Creamy
Walking past spreckles theater, where she proclaimed "hey that nutcracker is as tall as I am!" I wonder if I should go back and try to take a photo or figure out how to get some cartoons made hmm

Over Heard: My Life is a Non Sequitur

By Rich and Creamy
This is a test post to better flesh out an idea of something I'm really known for OH aka Over Heard quotes.

OH: 1 I'm doing another art project but I need womanly support 2 You're taking your top off again?

Scene: 2 women talking to each other, one asking for the support of another and the other just not believing in her.

So I'm thinking I could have either a photo, a drawing, or a really good description written out under scene. I'm really sleepy so I have a crappy description right now lol

Impossible Kodak Jacket

Category: By Rich and Creamy

"We found these legendary, super-rare jackets deep in the vaults of the former Polaroid factory in Enschede, NL (now the headquarters of development & production for the new Impossible Instant Film) and we are happy to share them with our customers and supporters - as all proceeds from every single sale will go towards running the factory."


I rarely spend money on clothes outside of thrift stores but I really want that to change in 2010!


Diamond Ice Mold

Category: By Rich and Creamy
I could make some ballin cocktails if I had an ice mold shape like a diamond!

Lomo 24k

Category: By Rich and Creamy
Just saw this Gizmodo post always wanted a lomo, always wanted a neck piece, I can haz both if I had a 24k lomo! BALLIN!

I need $600 to blow on this =/

There's still tons of technolust to go around!

By Rich and Creamy
And more shit that I want to buy or have already bought that I need/want to write about. I keep doing that thing where I would think of a great blog post then don't do it. Well I've been really busy with http://asianculturalfestivalsd.com/ BUT it's not like there's tech that isn't related to the going ons for that event so I have somehow reconvinced myself to take this blog seriously.

For real this time and not for fake! Even though I feel like I don't update my tumblr enough too T_T

Ditch the mic for a mic webcam combo?

By Rich and Creamy
I need a low system requirement camera for my Open Pandora. I think this will fit the bill, and produce great sound. Hey it's the same makers as the snowflake you know!